Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Center of Gravity

We share with you this parade of images so you may feel your greatness once again, even in the midst of your current Earth work.

Endless streaming of tablets in golden hue run quickly like a ribbon vertically so fast that it appears to be a never ending scroll.  You were in these writings, and you remember the feeling of this language.  The great language of Atlantis, which appears in your current life from time to time, and more importantly, it appears at sacred times of this Earth life.

The woman as a God . . . we will not let you write Goddess, because that would not be accurate.  The woman as God . . . get acquainted with this.  It is accurate and is the gravitational center of your connection to the Earth.  The "gravitational" center . . . we repeat.  Bring it to the Earth.  Bring it down.

You have frequented the areas of The Woman enough to really own this once again.  Although you do not feel yourself to be this, you can now imagine it through this work.  The idea of it is empowering.  Feel it.

Center yourself with it.

It is everything there is in one center of gravity point.

The Council to
Eve Featherstone

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Queen of Swords

Relaxed and at the helm
Released from tactics past
Serenity in severing
The past and all it lacked

Virtue and its benefits
Include simplicity
Cobwebs of complexity
Cleaned, complete and free

Nothing heavy weighing
On spirit or on heart
Steady on in body
Earth provides my song

The Queen of Swords has acted
Cleanly on behalf of
Me in all my glory
Simply holding staff.

via Eve Featherstone

Staff, (noun) a rod or scepter held as a sign of office or authority.

Friday, July 1, 2016

I Fear the Beast

In virtue now as apathy
Views the numbers true
Society in lies thereof
Misled me as I knew

Myself as once the beast as well
As others all as one
Beat the drum of intercourse
Demanded, delivered from

The beast within a human
The 6's formed from 2
People who were 3's before
Joined satisfying youth

Now again a 3 I am
In virtue's familiar home
Innocent and spiritual
Nature's loyal gnome

The beast from human bodies
For decades rules a wife
Releasing those in later life
Along the road of strife

I fear from love will appear
The beast hidden within
Disguising lust as loving
Disturbing virtue's twin

Eve Featherstone

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Oxytocin Adoration Fantasy and June

"In Love!" she said
While changing friends
In disguise as a
Different kind of girl

"In Love!" she said
While doting, dreaming
Focused on some
Dramatic painful end

"In Love!' she said
While feeling low
Ugly and alone
A combination of
admiration dosed
With a hormone

Oxytocin, adoration
Fantasy and June
All combined to
Cauterize rational
Behaviors true

Conduct switched from intellect
To survival games so rough
Twisted into destiny
Concerned only with "Love"

via Eve Featherstone

Monday, April 4, 2016

Corporate Landscaping

Corporate landscaping
Softens the lines
Between the close properties
Yours vs mine

Corporate landscaping
Familiar because
Corporate nurseries
Push them in front

Duplicate images
Work, shop, commute
Duplicate desires
Unnatural groups

Throw away plants
Not conforming in growth
Throw away last season's
Beauty that's cloaked

In brown seeded pods
Not colorful to attract
Eyes to it moments
Before going back

To work, commuting,
shopping or both
Blending in mostly
Conformity's host.

via Eve Featherstone

Numbers Game

It's a numbers game
At best you see
Five are born
Four survive
Not all are meant
To stay alive

Six seeds planted
Three will grow
Two are strong
All hopes loaded
On the one which grows as planned
Two aren't harmed but
Left to stand

Each category of creation
Purposed for multiplication
No one knows how the numbers go
No one cares except whose prone*
Nature wastes without a care
That which we refuse to share
The cycle feeds, seeds and reaps
Some of what people insist they keep

The culled will serve a purpose too
All living things are parasites who
Feed upon something that's not
One who dominates but one forgot
Submitting whether choice is given
Or if fate's equation has bitten
The number games selected crew
Armies needed and accrue.

via Eve Featherstone

*prone-likely to or liable to suffer from, do, or experience something, typically something regrettable or unwelcome.

**accrue - verb. Be received by someone in regular or increasing amounts over time.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Momentum Fluctuates

Welcome excitement
Gears are engaged
Mine eyes dismissed
Freedom for caged

Give me the coordinates
Times and map out
Adventure isn't planned though
And time has ran out

Now changes commence
When will we move on?
Feel the pulse quicken
For the random at dawn

Momentum fluctuates
Between boredom and flight
Never encompassing
Both day and night.

Eve Featherstone