Thursday, June 22, 2017

Deep Personal Wisdom

We all have a deep, personal wisdom within ourselves.  At any time, it is available to us, if we can just take the time in silence to sit with it and listen, instead of telling it what we "think". 
-Eve Featherstone

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Message from the Four Directions

Message from the Four Directions
Summer Solstice, 2017, June 20
for useless information, consult others
to indulge in rest is necessary for growth
to doubt yourself is to deny yourself
in peace soar the wise and immune

Friday, May 19, 2017

Emotion's Grand Agenda

Which kind of crying wins the
Prize for being worst?
Is it tears of heartbreak?
Or tears from anger's hurt?

Perhaps the tears of helplessness
Perhaps the tears of shame
Perhaps these great expressions
Aren't here for us to tame?

Loss and shock are the contenders
For the winning prize
Of emotion's grand agenda
Shattered then despised.


Bitter Pill of Ugly

A bitter realization
A bitter sight to see
A bitter contrast chosen
To purge out who I AM

Returning to myself here
Mostly good and kind
In contrast to bad memories
There hadn't been a cost

A steep disturbing circumstance
Drove right upside our car
It looked me in the eye
It shook me to the core

A hot volcano of grief
Helplessness and shame
Shame for reacting with grief
Helpless to relieve

The bitter pill of ugly
Hidden from public view
Consumed readily by masses
Who'd puke if they only knew

The Goddess in me
Wishes to banish and lay bare
The parasitic people on
Heartland's apron who

Traffic gentle animals
Each doing their own part
Desperate for a living
What we humans consume
Is awful, dreadful dark.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Medicine for Any Soul

Medicine for any soul is the recollection of beauty and triumph.  If you are bombarded instead by memories of failures and diseased harmony, it is now a break in the timeline for ejecting these outdated patterns of failure, hurt, shame and withered ambition.

Recognize these failure patterns as outdated material ready for deletion.  It is clearing your cache so your flawless, higher human REALizations can take place as a flowering of your higher self's pre-paving or path seeding.

Don't let your dialogue drone on and on about your problems, because it isn't good for you or anyone on the receiving end of it.  Vocalize, go into hibernation for awhile and emerge with your new confident self leading the parade instead of your stumbling blocks.

Clean up your energetic/mindset/vibration house for safety and proper function.

Delete, Rest, Emerge, Act out of Confident Balance

Entity calling herself Celedon
via Eve Featherstone

Saturday, May 13, 2017

What am I doing here?

I wake up in a situation which I "moved heaven and earth" to get to, and wonder "what am I doing?".

All the voices of those people who care about me are in the background of my mind wondering the same thing.  I assume that they assume I know exactly what I'm doing, but I am living by faith and instinct.

They cannot immediately see how I'm walking the road of finance, retirement, security, companionship, or emotional well-being.  It may even look like I've ran into the ditch on a few or all of these roads.

All of these judgments and thoughts are not mine of course, they are the thoughts of others diluting my point of creation on this blank canvas.  The journey here was rich with amicable people, willing assistance and mechanical soundness.

The answer finally came into focus.  It is simple.  I am here to do something I've never done, and I'm doing it alone.

If I wasn't alone, I would simply be a supporting actor in someone else's dream, but this is my dream.

-via Eve Featherstone

*move heaven and earth - To do everything possible to bring about something desired

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Garden of the Unwanted

A blanket of dandelion
Out by the trees
A garden of unwanted
Plants do believe
They are essential
To be where they are

The black bibs of sparrows
I see Golden Finch
Hungrily eating in flocks
And in pairs
That which is shunned
By those unaware

A yellow umbrella
To bugs and the like
A spherical banquet
Of puffs in the Light

The violets are happy
To be by their side
The ground ivy too
Is aware and won't hide

A trio of medicine
Always outside
Waiting to assist
Forever maligned.

via Eve Featherstone